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Acquisition Ceremony for Nantong Plant Held on Feb 3, 2015

On the afternoon of February 3, 2015,the ceremony for Sinotec’s equity merger with Nantong Qinhai Machinery Co., Ltd., and Sinotec’s asset acquisition with Nantong Wantai Fluid Coupling Technology Co., Ltd., was held successfully.Mr. WU Huailei, Chairman of Sinotec Group and General Manager of Shanghai Sinotec Co., Ltd., signed and exchanged documents with Mr. CHEN Jiaohua, General Manager of Nantong Qinhai Machinery Co., Ltd. and Nantong Wantai Fluid Coupling Technology Co., Ltd. before shaking hands to celebrate the successful cooperation. The cooperation is expected to lay a good foundation for the continuous, healthy and rapid development of Sinotec Group within its strategic layout all over China. 

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