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Sinotec Chairman Huailei Wu Endows Hometown Education 2 mln Yuan

Agreement Signing

The Education Bureau of Hong’an County, China’s Hubei Province, witnessed an eventful day on Aug 31, 2016, a school opening day, when Lipu Wang, CEO of Sinotec, on behalf of the enterprise’s chairman Huailei Wu, endowed it 2 mln RMB as Sinotec Educational Fund in an effort to support the education of the hometown of the Chairman. Of the total amount, 1.2 mln Yuan will be endowed to Hong’an No.1 Middle School, a key middle school in Hong’an County and the alma mater of Mr. Huailei Wu.

Mr. Huailei Wu with School leaders

CEO Lipu Wang, representative of Shanghai Sinotec, and Jianming Wang, principal of Hong’an No. 1 Middle school, signed an endowment agreement under the supervision of Honglin Zhu, director of Hong’an Civil Affairs Bureau and Senior Vice Chairman of Hong’an Charity Federation. Sinotec committed that, for the coming 10 years, this year included, it would endow Hong’an No.1 Middle School 200,000 Yuan every year before each Teacher’s Day. The fund will be transferred through the account of the Charity Federation. The deed was carried out in hope that it would help improve school conditions and enhance education of Hong’an.

Deputy county head delivering speech

Hongbo Zeng, the deputy director of the Education Bureau of Hong’an County, hosted the endowment ceremony. Chenhui Bao, the deputy county head, attended too and delivered a speech with enthusiasm. As hands join and bonds form between school and enterprise, Sinotec is encouraged to build its Sinotec Educational Fund into a prestigious one. Hong’an County is equally inspired to create more records for its educational performance.

3 parties signing agreement

During the ceremony, Lipu Wang delivered a message and briefed them on the development of Sinotec. When it came to the intention of the endowment, he made special notes to the Huailei Wu’s profound affection and reminiscence toward his hometown and the alma mater, which was strongly echoed by everybody present.

CEO Lipu Wang delivery speech

Chenhui Bao expressed this thanks to Shanghai Sinotec for its endowment. He pointed out that, Mr. Huailei Wu graduated from Hong’an No.1 Middle School in 1992 with outstanding scores before he entered university. “With the diligence, intelligence and perseverance that Hong’an people are feature by, Wu blazed his trails and has built a remarkable business.” Bao said. He added that Shanghai Sinotec has now been the largest supplier of a number of key turbocharger parts in the world.

Representative Lipu Wang endowing the shool

It is said that Hong’an No.1 Middle School would invite Mr. Huailei Wu to make an inspirational speech for the students on Sep 8, and to attend the first distribution ceremony for Sinotec Educational Fund.

Group photo

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